Summer of Increase

We are setting aside 90 days- the summer of 2015- to purposely seek out more. More intimacy, more revelation- more of Jesus! Join us by downloading a reading plan, grabbing a journal, and following these practical steps.

Experiencing a deep, intimate relationship with God does not happen by accident. It is done on purpose. It comes as we make our relationship with Him a priority. Try it and see what happens!


The goal is not simply an increase in knowledge, but a life-changing encounter with God. You are entering on a quest to experience the presence of God and to hear His voice in new ways. It involves reading the New Testament over the next three months as if you had never read it before AND making a commitment before you start to believe all of it. God wants us to allow His revelation of what’s true to replace our own speculations.


God invented communication! Talk to Him. Ask Him things. Listen for His response. P.U.S.H. That is, pray until something happens.


Keep a daily journal. We have some available for you at the Welcome Table on Sunday. Write down what you ask God and when He answers. Record insights the Holy Spirit gives you from scrip- ture, as well as when God speaks to you on direct and personal matters. He still does that!


Listening and writing down what we hear isn’t the goal in all this. Do what God says. That’s what brings blessing (John 13:17).

Practical Tips: 

Make your time with the Lord a daily priority. Don’t save up for a Saturday morning marathon session. At the same time, don’t get discouraged if you miss a day - just pick up where you left off. Do it in the morning. Get your directions from the Lord before beginning your day. Keep in mind that your day does not begin when you get out of bed in the morning, but when you go to bed at night. Get to sleep early enough so you can get up early enough to spend time with God. Do it where you are free from distractions. 

Expect to hear God!