Joyful Hands



 Joyful Hands - Knitting and Crocheting Group

We are a group of ladies of all ages who gather weekly to talk and knit/crochet. Beginners and novices, to life-long knitters/crocheters -- all are welcome. Even if you have never picked up a knitting or crocheting needle in your life! We will teach you.

Our goal is to glorify God in our conversation, fellowship and projects as we knit/crochet items for people undergoing cancer treatments, and newborns in hospitals.  We want to have the items we make be a blessing and comfort to those in need.  We knit blankets, scarves, hats, baby booties, etc. We are making these for local Hawaii hospitals and facilities.  

Tuesdays at Living Stones’ Ali‘i Site 10am-12pm

For more info contact:
Sandy Hild,