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Prayer & Healing

Prayer is a primary focus at Living Stones. Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer” (Mt. 21:13). Prayer is not a religious ritual, but is talking with God. And we believe He hears and answers when we ask. You can receive prayer from the prayer team inside the church after every Sunday service or we also have Freedom Sessions for more in depth prayer ministry.

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Hear some of our Living Stones stories… prayer has power in the name of Jesus!

We were on the 2nd day of our 2 week vacation when we visited your church back in mid October. I was feeling very stressed because of worry about a possible detachment of my retina. After the service I went forward and was prayed for by a lovely lady. While she prayed it felt like water just poured from just that eye down the side of my face. My eye felt better immediately, and we were able to enjoy a lovely vacation. I've since been to my retinal specialist and all is well.  - Dianne

"I didn't make it to church this morning and I felt God telling me to get to church tonight.  I had no idea that tonight was a healing prayer night.  The first (word of knowledge) I stood up for was the abdominal pain. Years ago I had pancreatic cancer and actually had my pancreas removed.  When people began to pray for me I felt light and actually fell back.  My husband kind of caught me and put me in the chair.  The pain was gone! Then they called out pain on the right side of the neck and down the right side.  As soon as he said right side I knew it was for me.  I had an injury over ten years ago that left my neck and right arm in pain for years.  We were in a group praying for someone else and I was receiving it for myself. Now the pain is gone and I can move my arm like I couldn't before without pain!"  - Michelle

"At last month's healing service, I received  prayer for my lower back. I've been struggling with back pain for several years after a fall from a ladder. At times, the pain just stopped me in my tracks when getting up from a chair or out of the car! I had seen chiropractors, a physical therapist & a massage therapist all to no avail!! After the prayer, my back began to feel better & better. By mid-week, I was pain-free & have remained so!!"  - Ron

"I wanted to thank you for the healing prayers Friday night and to let you know that after you finished praying over me (back, neck, shoulder and brain concussion) you walked away to help another member before I could say thank you, as I watched you walk away I realized the pain in my lower back had stopped hurting. Also some others had prayed over my double vision and I'm very happy to say I'm no longer seeing double." - Jim



They are individual prayer ministry times led by trained teams. Jesus can set you free from past hurts, sin patterns, negative thinking and enemy oppression. To get started, click on the link below to download a ministry questionnaire and give it to someone on the Sunday morning prayer team. 

We are here for you! 

"My experience was life changing...If I think about where I was last year at this time compared to where I am today...The difference is night and day...I have found true freedom!"

"I am free from burdens that I was not even fully aware that I carried.  The result is I see my purpose more clearly.  My relationship with the Lord has a deepened intimacy now that I have a clear understanding of how completely He loves me." 

"The death of a spouse is never an easy thing to bear.  With all the prior counseling I was never able to feel peace about what had happened.  At the Freedom Session I was released from all the hurt, pain and unforgiveness I felt toward my spouse and toward God.  I was freed from the lies that Satan had me believing for so long.  The Holy Spirit took me back to that day of pain and I could SEE that Jesus was with me thru it all.  I am finally able to experience God's peace which exceeds anything I can understand (Phil.4:7)"