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Small Groups

All new small groups!


What are Small Groups?

Small groups are home groups that meet once a week. They’re a place to share life and support each other through fellowship, study, and prayer. As a church, we want to be in real community, knowing what is going on in each other’s lives on an on-going basis. Life can be hard and it was never meant to be lived in isolation! Each small group has its own flavor, but all share the same goal of encouragement and strengthening one another in the love of Jesus. 

How do they work?

Our small groups are year round but, there are new entry points provided throughout the year. Most groups will be following the sermon series together, helping each other apply what we learn on Sundays to our individual lives. 

Choosing a Group

A few times a year (September, January & April), we’ll have information available on each of the groups and sign up opportunities both right here online, and at both church sites after every service. Plugging into a group is easy- just sign up & go! Feel free to try out different groups and find one that you like.